South Boston Seaport Catholic Colaborative

The South Boston-Seaport Catholic Collaborative is comprised of two historic Catholic parishes, St. Monica's and St. Peter's. Historically, these parishes encompass the communities of St. Vincent, St. Peter, St. Monica, and St. Augustine. United by our faith in Jesus Christ and motivated by our rich traditions of faith and service, we strive every day to bring the love and mercy of God into our neighborhood. We hope you will join us in this mission to pray and serve.

Pastor: Rev. Peter DeFazio
Deacons: Paul Kline & Alejandro Iraola
Finance & Operations Manager: Susan McLeod
In Residence: Rev. Andrew Nkwocha, Rev. Jerry Osterman, Rev. Joseph Ogazie & Rev. Charles Addai Kankam

Thank you for your patience and trust as we attempt to deal with these unprecedented challenges in the most prudent ways possible. May God continue to bless, guide & protect you all!

The Mass of Assumption